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We’ve been in the Auto Body and Custom Paintwork industries for over twelve years and pinstriping for about five years. Straight Pipe Productions is based in Madison, Wi and is our title for anything pinstriping, building, welding, customizing, painting and the occasional video production to bring it all to life on the motion picture. Currently owned and operated by Straight Pipe Productions founder Roger Petkovsek.

Pinstriping started back in the Roman Empire, decorating their carriages and canal boats, up to Henry Ford himself who couldn’t resist an accent stripe on the Model A. In the 1950s, striping became a rebellious artwork for the hot rod and motorcycle guy. Now, a respected global phenomenon for both men and women. Our influence comes from old school guys such as Tommy the Greek, Dean Jeffries and new school guys Ryzart to name a few.

The passion – this art form is very gratifying to me and I love doing it – I enjoy taking an old rusted metal toolbox, cabinet or anything metal, painting and pinstriping it to make it one-of-a-kind. The on-demand side of our video production business is something I started doing for myself and friends; however, I quickly found making videos of our motorcycles and hot rods is something people really enjoyed. So we expanded….. I will be posting new pictures and videos as they come. Thanks for checking out Straight Pipe Productions.


Roger Petkovsek
Founder & Owner
Straight Pipe Productions

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Click to view our pinstriping gallery. This is a complete display of custom pinstriping designs we’ve completed for you to preview. Contact us for a price quote.

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Custom Paintwork


Click to view our custom paintwork gallery. This is a complete display of custom paintwork we’ve completed for the years. Contact us for a price quote.

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Restoration & Fabrication


Click to view our restoration & fabrication gallery. This gallery proudly demonstrates our ability to restore and fabricate treasured classics.

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Metal Artwork


Click to view our photo gallery of metal sculptures. This is a complete display of custom metal artwork for you to preview. Interested? Contact us for a price quote.

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